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International calling app (VOVOCall - Cheap Global Calling) launch successfully

March 22, 2018 | Posted by VOVOCall Team

Take out the hassle of expensive & per minute charges calling cards and start enjoying the VOVOCall for completely FREE International Phone Call service with no extra charges at all. The VOVOCall app makes international calling easy and convenient, with VOVOCall you can be sure to always get the best calling rates to anywhere in the world with per second pulse billing unit and calls directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android phone/tablet. No subscription required, works over 3G/4G and WiFi. Make free HD Video & Phone calls, Group Chat, send free text Messages, share Photos & Location, leave live Voicemails, make Conference calls. Also get your global second number to keep personal number private.

How to enable VOVOCall:


For downloading VOVOCall from Android and Apple stores, No subscription or contracts required, works over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks*. You can make FREE international calls to all mobile numbers and landlines over 200+ countries.

❶Open the app ❷Grant the permissions requested ❸Complete Sign Up form correctly, or direct Login use Facebook or Gmail  ❹Get ready to make FREE phone calls.

*NOTICE: If you use 3G/4G/GPRS to make calls, your carrier may charge you for data usage.

Functions of VOVOCall:


You can receive these great benefits when you download the app:

✓ Calls recording and share file.

✓ Easy to use – automatically syncs your contacts.

✓ Call family and friends in over 180+ countries with per second billing unit.

✓ Check your balance and calling reports.

✓ No connection fee when you use the app.

✓ Free VOVOCall to VOVOCall App calling worldwide.

✓ High quality voice calls.

✓ Free HD video calling.

✓ Send free text messages.

✓ Start unlimited group chat.

✓ Share photos & location.

✓ Leave live voicemails and make conference calls.

Plus receive these rewards for using the app:

✓ Earn free credit when you refer your friends.

✓ Earn free credit for international calling offered by our sponsor.

✓ Enjoy special offers to popular calling destinations.

✓ Select your preference countries Second Number.

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