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Earn Daily FREE credits for calling rate from VOVOCall

September 13, 2018 | Posted by VOVOCall Team

The VOVOCall makes international calling easy and convenient, with VOVOCall you can be 100% sure to get FREE Credits for calling rates everyday!

How to get FREE Credits:


There are many ways to earn unlimited FREE Credits in our app for calling rates. By playing the lucky wheel, games, checking in every day, inviting friends, watching ads, completing tasks, etc... All we want is just need one tap to complete funny tasks of our app while enjoying the best FREE calling service.

Let’s start to get unlimited credits every day with VOVOcall! Step 1 Tap “TopUp”, Step 2 Tap to “Earn Free Credits”. A new page will open where you can earn free credit daily for calling rates.

How to Earn FREE Coins ?

Tap to get unlimited coins as reward value 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 15 coins in every spin you play on Lucky Wheel.

Tap to "Watch Video" button to get 10 coins, you can earn upto 10 ~ 120 coins in every cycle.

Tap to "Get Coins" button to get 5 coins, you can earn upto 5 ~ 60 coins in every cycle.

You can earn 500 coins for each friend you invite to join VOVOCall with your link, up to 50 contacts. 

You can earn 1000s of coins by completing our sponsor offers. The more you completed offer, the more likely you are getting free credits.

You can earn 10 coins for checking in daily on VOVOCall. Checking in daily upto 7 days, you can earn 280 coins. The more times you check in, the more likely you are getting free credits.

How to Transfer Coins ?

Tap to button "Tap to Transfer Balance" it will transfer coins to your account balance. You can also check balances report at payment history page.